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SFS doktorandkommitté (SFS-DK) är det organ inom SFS som ansvarar för frågor som rör doktorander och forskarutbildning och en av tre SFS Kommittéer. Sedan 2008 väljs SFS-DK av SFS fullmäktige, innan dess utsågs den av SFS styrelse. Sedan 2019 är kommittén återigen under SFS styrelse.

SFS-DK is a committee in SFS, the united Swedish student unions, which works on questions that concerns doctoral students. The aim of SFS-DK is to enable SFS to influence the development of the research education, research and the general conditions of doctoral students in Sweden.

One of the committees tasks is to give a doctoral student input on the official referrals that concerns doctoral students, where SFS is heard about. To drive issues that regards doctoral students within SFS and at a national level. SFS-DK also works towards securing a high level of representation of doctoral students in Sweden at both nation and international level, and together with the presidium of SFS, SFS-DK represents the doctoral students in Sweden at regional, national and international level. SFS-DK consists of 8-10 members, including a chair person.

SFS-DK focus on question of interests for doctoral students, such focus includes for example the requirement of employment for all doctoral students, transparent admission processes, and continued strong doctoral student influence.

You can contact SFS-DK at [email protected]

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